Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Important Warnings

  • Do not attempt to wash any papered or flat painted walls. Incorrect cleaning procedures might compound soot residue problems.
  • Do not attempt to clean carpets or upholstered furniture at the risk of increasing damage
  • Do not use electrical appliances that have been close to fire or water before having them checked to prevent malfunctions
  • Do not use ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet as a short circuit could result
  • Do not touch anything – soot on your hands can permeate upholstery, walls, and woodwork resulting in further damage
  • Do not eat food that has been exposed to fire or smoke

Fire Emergency Tips

  • Report damage to your insurance company as soon as possible
  • Blow off or brush away loose soot particles on carpet
  • Cover carpeted traffic areas with towels or old liners to prevent additional soiling
  • Discard open food packages as it may be contaminated. If electrical power is off, clean out refrigerators and freezers and leave doors propped open.
  • Send clothing with heavy smoke damage to a qualified professional dry cleaner who specializes in smoke damage
  • Clean Formica and chrome fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms to prevent permanent tarnishing
  • Wipe residue from porcelain bath fixtures to prevent etching
  • Wipe leaves of houseplants with mild soap and water to remove smoke residue
  • Remove pets to clean environments
  • Change air filters on your furnace if it uses forced hot air
  • Tape a damp cheesecloth over air registers to capture any loose soot in the air
  • Open windows for ventilation

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