Area Rug Cleaning

Magic Touch technician hand cleaning the fringe of an area rug.

We are pleased to provide our customers with convenient pick-up and delivery service when it comes to cleaning area rugs. Learn how your rugs are cleaned and take advantage of our pick up and delivery service option.

11 Steps to Beautiful Rugs

  1. Measure
    We measure the size of your rug(s) to properly assess for cleaning and payment
  2. Pre-Inspect
    Rugs are carefully inspected to determine its fiber content and its construction along with any pre-existing conditions.
  3. Color Test
    We test all rugs for color fastness to ensure safety in cleaning. Rugs are treated with dye stabilizers prior to cleaning.
  4. Thorough Dry Soil Removal
    Almost 75% of all rug soil is dry particulate material. This is the most commonly overlooked, yet extremely fundamental in the cleaning process of area rugs.
  5. Rotary Shampoo
    A soft bristled rotary scrubber with a rug shampoo massages the rug’s fibers which helps loosen tough stains and soils before washing.
  6. Washing
    The rug enters a Moore Washing Machine where it is fed through the machine face up and a metered amount of detergent is sprayed onto the rug.
  7. Excess Water Removal
    Pressure controlled “rubber rollers” remove 95% of the water to eliminate the risk of dye migration and mildew.
  8. Hang Drying Rugs
    The rug is placed in a humidity-controlled, dry room for several hours which is usually overnight.
  9. Detailing Fringes/Textile Rinse
    Dried rugs are ready for detailing. Each rug is thoroughly examined and stubborn spots are cared for or addressed. Rugs are rinsed a second time with a brightening and fiber softening agent. The “pile” is groomed in its proper direction. If the rug has fringe, it will be cleaned by hand.
  10. Post Spot, Detail, Post-Inspection
    Rugs are inspected one last time. The binding is nicely trimmed and the pile is groomed.
  11. Delivery Wrapped
    Rugs are wrapped and stored until delivery.

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